Maytra Advisory Group (MAG), assists clients in successful
implementation of climate adaptation & mitigation projects and
clean technology transition. Focused on development, environment
and security in emerging economies, our team of highly competitive
international experts provide critical advisory on projects, finance,
technology, policy, regulations, and conflicts. We are highly
competent in agriculture & farm sector, energy & resources,
infrastructure & real-estate, and water, waste & sanitation.


  • Clean Technology & Infrastructure Advisory
  • Sustainable Finance & Investment Advisory
  • Policy, Regulatory & Economic Consulting
  • Energy & Carbon Markets, ESG 3 , Valuation & Risk Consulting

MAG’s advanced technology capability and skilled PMEAL 1 experts
measure and analyse environmental, social, economic and
investment impacts through accurate monitoring, geospatial
observations, SDG 2 assessment and controlled evaluations using
rigorous data-analytics. Our customised training and capacity
building services are designed to improve internal capabilities to
attain accuracy and efficiency in projects and programme delivery.

Analytics :

  • Impact Evaluations & Systematic Research
  • Geospatial Data Analytics
  • Environmental Econometrics
  • Training & Capacity Building

MAG’s dynamic EPC 3 division is able to deliver time-bound and highly
optimised clean-technology infrastructure and development projects
through in-house resources and expertise in architecture, design,
engineering, construction and project management.

Design :

  • Green Architecture & Sustainable Design
  • Front-end Engineering & Detailed Engineering Design
  • Multimedia Design, Animation & Graphics

Projects :

  • Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
  • Green Building & Urban Infrastructure
  • Vertical Agriculture & Food Processing

( 1 PMEAL – Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning,

  2 SDG – Sustainable Development Goals,

  3 ESG – Environmental, Social & Governance)


MAG’s Advisory solutions, Analysis and Design strategies are highly
effective and useful. They are culmination of serious understanding
of client needs, application of world-class technologies, backed by in-
depth research, and time-bound delivered by high calibre domain
knowledge experts. Irrespective of size or scale of the assignment,
MAG’s engagement team will always follow a highly stringent
process driven approach including coordinated project management
practice and stringent quality control.