We focus on deep research, analysis, and assessments to uncover climate change, use of natural resources, and international development trends and patterns through verifiable data, building predictions, and forecasting incidences using advanced applications of data science, environmental econometrics, complex algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology.

Through more humanistic spiritual approach, we further apply principles of noetic science to establish nexus of inner knowing (noetic) and outer investigation (science), to discover entirely new ways of being and driving innovations in agriculture, energy, extractives, emissions, urban reforms, and public health, for uplifting humanity and addressing climate vulnerability. Key processes, data models, and risk scenarios thus developed drive our design of smart development programs to attain true impact and last-mile reach. We also undertake economic valuation, options valuation, risk assessment, and actuary work to determine the economic value of programs, businesses, assets, or enterprises, and understand risks affecting its performance.

We use cloud-based tools, and platforms such as IBM Cognos, IBM Watson, IBM SPSS, Python, R, Advanced Excel, STATA, etc., and international hybrid climate databases to drive smarter, data-driven decisions by capitalizing on a broader variety of data and insightful AI.

Proprietary Tools, Databases & Infographics: We produce a number of open access, customized, user-friendly, and interactive proprietary tools (such as Climate Action Tracker (CAT)) that make climate analysis, indicators, and projections easily available to policy makers, researchers, or program implementors dealing with climate and resources related issues while focusing of green growth trajectory. The tools further provide excellent model building options, scenario building capability, global database linkage, and excellent infographics.

Scientific Assessment + Technical Analysis

Our areas of expertise include – geological and scientific incidences or natural disasters, such as sea-level rise, ocean acidification, air quality changes, role of pollutants, effects of rainfall patterns, causes of landslides, etc., and development of scientific indicators, climate sensitivity analysis, mitigation options and its adequacy, mitigation gap analysis, probabilistic climate projections, among others.


Economic Assessment + Policy Analysis

Our areas of expertise include – social, environmental & economic impacts, vulnerability analysis & climate risk, risk to sustainable development, emission reduction targets, climate, and sustainable development goals (SDGs) & nationally determined contributions (NDCs) achievement targets, and development of relevant indicators, sensitivity analysis, and probabilistic projections, among others.


Climate Finance + Decision Support

Our areas of expertise include – assessment of climate finance needs, readiness analysis, green climate fund, global environmental facility proposals, relevant institutional design and development of relevant statistics, analysis, options analysis, instrument design, risk assessed valuation, and projections, among others.


Adaptation + Loss + Damages

Our areas of expertise include – adaptation gap assessment, adaption options, cost-benefit analysis, cost of residual damages, loss and damage assessment and impact measurement, preventive and predictive actions measurement, and measurement of relevant sensitivity, vulnerability, forecasting, etc.