As an emerging consulting, technology, and design group, we are responsibly contributing to the international development, global green growth, and to the climate action. Our principles are aligned to SDGs, and that has created immense opportunities for us to make a positive impact on the economy, society, and environment, through our contributions in sustainability, productivity, and knowledge. It is in the sectors of agriculture, energy, infrastructure, extractives, or urban landscape, that our expertise matter to engineer innovations, while the defense and outer space sectors engineer our creativity in technology innovation, platform design and legal advisory.


Our expertise is focused on climate-smart agriculture, which is rooted in sustainable agriculture and rural development objectives of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Our farm sector services, and technical assistance is focused on increasing productivity and incomes, enhancing resilience of livelihoods and ecosystems, and reducing and removing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere by supporting program like REDD+, etc. More productive and resilient agriculture is built on the sound management of natural resources, including land, water, soil, and forest. We have strong capabilities in conservation agriculture, biodiversity, agroforestry, improved livestock, water management, integrated pest management, and ecosystem approaches to fisheries and aquaculture, all of which make important contributions to sustainability. We further assist in innovations in food supply chains, zero budget farming, structured reforms in land, farmers access to markets, and integrating climate finance into sustainable sector development agendas.


With focus on developing sustainable, affordable, reliable, efficient, and decentralized energy access based on renewable resources to reduce poverty, improving public health, and protecting the environment, we assist in building global clean energy assets using clean technology. We help clients build energy efficient smart grids using digital technologies and IoT based solutions to be highly reliable, cost-effective, safe, and intelligent. We help clients with capital productivity in their energy and utility portfolio, such as portfolio optimization, project concept and design, lean construction, contracts management, regulatory support, and commissioning support. In addition, we provide advice on strategy, serve financial investors through evaluations and due diligence, risk assessment and valuation, and support public-sector institutions and their partners with policy design and governance.


International businesses and governments today assign top priorities to resilience, adaptation, mitigation, and sustainability. Infrastructure and urban reforms are looked upon as necessary growth engines to boost and revive economy and to create sustainable landscape. The prioritization of green infrastructure and green building projects through mechanisms like sustainable finance and robust ESG criteria can help ensure economies attain the resilience and transition towards green growth to address imminent threats including climate change. We ably assist in this critical industry transformation through research, analysis, policy, design, architecture, and engineering expertise, as we work closely with private and public sector asset developers, operators, and investors in key areas. We help clients plan, build, and manage smart infrastructure and urban development programs that are environmentally resilient, socially impactful, and able to deliver sustainable economic growth for current and future generations.


The water sector covers water supply, wastewater recycling, and water management in addition to sanitation, hygiene, and health. Today the sector faces unprecedented challenges due to ageing infrastructure, population growth, water scarcity and climate change. Our services focus on innovative and sustainable solutions through the lens of nine critical building blocks, which include institutional strengthening, policy & legislation, planning & engineering, finance, regulation & accountability, monitoring & evaluation, infrastructure, water resource management, and learning & adaptation. While we add value to water management through technical, economic, environmental, and social inputs, we constantly stretch our thinking to cut costs, increase efficiency, reduce risk, and improve resilience and reliability. As experts on public private partnership (PPP), we advise on projects to realize new assets, and keep existing ones running; and while operating these water assets we guide on optimizing maintenance expenditure and improving the performance of such assets; all of that without damaging the environment.


Driven by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development our expertise in sustainable mining is tailored to reduce threats posed by environmental degradation, human health deterioration, and increasing socio-political conflicts, to boost economies and support livelihoods. We help in developing robust environmentally friendly mining practices, assist in ecology and biodiversity management, and work with governments in improving the policy and regulatory frameworks that govern the sector. As the economies transit to advanced technology including green technology, businesses worldwide rely heavily on natural resources including rare earth minerals. We design methods, policies, indices, and finance which support positive change in the extractive sector’s governance and business practices. We aim to make natural resources work for all by addressing issues such as, strengthening laws and institutions, informing policy with science, promoting innovation and the circular economy, harnessing public and private financing, and supporting better planning to address climate change, water use, biodiversity, deforestation, energy demand and human health issues while maximizing benefits to indigenous people, and protecting their land rights.

Outer Space

With advances in technology and access to high levels of private funding, the outer space sector is no longer restricted to manned low-earth orbit missions and unmanned scientific exploration. It’s more accessible and less expensive with potential investment opportunities in aerospace and defense, remote sensing, telecommunication, satellite broadband, high-speed product delivery, and perhaps even human space travel. We are actively monitoring these developments and engaging with key players in the sectors to make our clients understand these opportunities for investments. We provide techno commercial inputs on satellite launch infrastructure, satellite manufacturing, advanced avionics, private space explorations, hyperspectral imaging, artificial intelligence, and importantly on space habitat design. Our Outer Space Law Practice handles complex legal issues and disputes arising out of the military and commercial use of outer space including questions pertaining to liability, insurance, and property rights in space, currently under the provisions of outer space treaty, and evolving.